Ugly Kid Joe Experience 09.11.2016

Ugly Kid Joe Experience 09.11.2016

What is the future of the music industry?

There is always a debate and a worry as to what the future is for the music industry. When you look around stadiums and live music venues there appears to be children, well, where they are allowed in that is. With many live music venues having licence restrictions put on them, not allowing anyone under the age of 18, it is difficult for this age group to see their hero’s. One of the most pleasing things to see is young people enjoying live music.

On Wednesday 9th November, we got to see the greatest advantage of the ‘youth’ being able to come along and experience these events. A young Mother was in the audience and she had brought her 10 year old daughter along to see one of her favourite bands Ugly Kid Joe. Part way through the show the lead singer, Whitfield Crane, recognised the fact that this young girl was in the audience and that it was in fact her tenth birthday. The first part of the amazing story is that the band proceeded to play one of their most famous hits, ‘Cats In The Cradle’ directly at the 10 year old. The band got the whole of the crowd to sing Happy Birthday to the little girl. The immense pride in the Mum’s eyes was clear to see and as a venue owner, a real driver as to why the hard work is worth it. The story doesn’t end there though. The band closed the show with another of their hits ‘Everything about you’. At the end of the song they paused before delivering the final word ‘YOU’. Whitfield said, “Wait there”, exited stage left to grab a chair, placed it on the stage and then came to get Ruby, the little 10 year old girl. He placed her on the chair, adjusted the mic stand to suit, whispered in her ear and then…. The little Girl gave out the final word of the whole show…. “YOU!” I met Ruby and her Mum after the show and the excitement was unbelievable. You can imagine the story she told at school the very next day.

Well the Diamond team certainly try to put a lot of effort into promoting gigs and events. As long as the youth can be attracted to attend live music events we will have a sustainable future. Keep music live, keep live’s music.

Owner Diamond Live Lounge


November 16th, 2016



  1. Scott Maxfield says:

    Me and my fiancee were at the gig and it was amazing.
    I love the venue and all the staff were brilliant making our first visit to the Diamond Live Lounge a pleasurable experience.
    We travelled from Halifax and we will definitely be back.


    Scott & Carol.

  2. Gavin Burton says:

    I was at this show and many more recently. The events written about above were truly inspirational, not only for ten year old Ruby and her family, but for all gig goers and parents in the audience. The band were great, the audience were great and importantly the venue and staff were and are great! The Diamond Live Lounge is rapidly becoming a premier venue in Yorkshire.It can only become No1 with the support of the public, I implore you to go to the events there, tell your friends to go! Spread the word that Doncaster has a great gig venue,so stop telling your friends you’re a music fan and instead go and prove it to them, I wish the venue and staff the very best of luck, they all work incredibly hard to bring the acts to Doncaster. keep music live!

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