The South

The South

June 20th 2014.
A massive day for Diamond Live Lounge and Doncaster as a whole. It was the day that Diamond Live Lounge opened it’s door and became Doncaster’s biggest, dedicated live music venue. The band booked to open were The South, effectively the Beautiful South minus a few of the originals.
Performing hits such as; Keep it all in. Rotterdam. Don’t marry her. Song for whoever, to name but a few. They had the crowd partying, singing the songs and dancing. The first gig was tough to market as we didn’t have a ready made audience. We had some great advocates that understood what we are trying to do. They helped by sharing the event information etc… To see so many people having such fun on the first night was both humbling and inspiring at the same time.
Diamond Live Lounge was open for business and didn’t the agents know it? We emailed, called, messaged them all constantly until they at least acknowledged that they had heard us. It was slow at first to get the Music Industry to pay attention, however, we were determined that it would.


April 20th, 2016

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