The Pit

The Pit

February 2017 sees the mark of The Pit Doncaster’s second anniversary. Behind the scenes we have been working with Christian Carlisle of The Pit Doncaster to get to this date in order to celebrate the Birthday of Doncaster’s only alternative anthems club night. We have been struggling to get to the finish line due to the pressure from the establishments. The Valuation Office that sets business rates is attempting to enforce a £17,000 business rates increase. This is not a total fee, this is on top of the already high rates bill. Their argument is that Diamond Live Lounge is a ‘nightclub’. I am sure we all know that there is only one night club in Doncaster town centre and it isn’t Diamond. We are a venue, a place to go to, not come across, and we only run one late night a week. I still am of the opinion we are NOT a night club and will continue to vigorously challenge. The North of England has seen too many ‘pits’ closed in it’s history, we will do all we can to try to stop another, be it only in name, pit from closure.
The Valuation office and Doncaster Council business rates fail businesses too often by trying to enhance their revenue at the cost of many companies, just look at the high street and how many properties are now stood empty. If they collected less, they would collect less from more, therfore, gaining more revenue and creating a healthier Town.
The 20th January 2017 will see the last weekly Pit. I don’t feel this is the last chapter though, there is plenty more fight left in myself, the venues team, our partners and The Pit.
Can I take this opportunity to thank every single person that has supported the Pit throughout the, very nearly, two years. We had a blast, right? We had so many fun nights, cereal party, summer break, pizza party, beer pong, to name a few.
Come down on the 20th and let’s party like we have never before. Let’s combine a few of the best night for The Pit greatest hits.
Watch this space we will return.
Thank you, see you all on the 20th, and beyond.

Owner Diamond Live Lounge

Alex McReynolds

January 14th, 2017

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