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LA Guns Cancellation

LA Guns Cancellation

This is the very frustrating part of the music industry. Many months ago an Agent approached us with a band that he was offering. We went through the, long winded at times, process of negotiating fees, catering riders, hotel deals etc. The show was finally agreed. We set out about announcing that LA GUNS would be playing. So our graphic designer chased artwork, that was difficult to get hold of, and when it was received a poster and other artwork was put together. The marketing team set to getting the show on sale with a ticket agent and then advertising across many platforms. Many months on, the Agent from Extreme Music Agency sends an email to myself stating “Apologies, I have to take the LA Guns off the Doncaster leg of the tour.” I asked him for a reason as to why that is the case. The answer I received back was this. “The Academy venues have 3 dates and don’t want Doncaster to have one.”

So the big national corporations attempt to stand on and squash the independent venue. I take a few things from this. We are obviously a threat to them and they now recognise that we are here. We will have to fight even harder to take on these BIG BOYS of the live music World. I enjoy fights like this and I know you the people will be behind the non major corporation. With the amazing support from you the fans and the local businesses we are linked with we are more than happy to attempt to bloody the nose of the corporate giant.

I am really sorry to those that had already bought tickets for this event, I am sure you were, as I was, looking forward to this gig.

A big thank you to Si Robinson of Sound House Records for bringing this gig in, he had done an amazing job to secure the event and had no control over the cancellation.

We will continue to work hard and bring some top acts to Diamond and show the Academy’s we are here and are definitely up for a scrap.


Alex McReynolds

December 14th, 2016

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One Comment

  1. Tara Kirkley says:

    Very disappointed.Although Sheffield is much closer to home I had chosen to come and watch LA Guns at The Diamond as the venue itself is a real gem and offers a much better viewing experience and I can also bring my pre-teen kids. Due to The Academy spitting their dummy out, I for one will not be going to see LA Guns on this tour after all. We should all support the independent venues.

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