Puddle of Mudd – Statement from the Diamond Live Lounge

Statement issued to press from the Diamond Live Lounge regarding last nights events.

Dominic Gibbs said: “It will be no secret that last nights Puddle of Mudd gig didn’t exactly go to plan as our 500 strong audience were certainly treated to a very ‘rock n roll’ evening, and in the end, quite concerning performance from lead signer, Wes Scatlin.

“When the band turned up, it was clear that Wes was a little worse for wear with drink and at this point we had to consult the band to make sure, collectively, we were happy to allow Puddle of Mudd to perform on stage. Members of the band, along with Wes were 100% confident that he could perform.

“Before Puddle of Mudd came on stage, the crowd were treated to two very good performances from Fear the Fallen and Unzucht.

“Puddle of Mudd actually performed around 45-50 minutes and not the ‘short’ set reported, they completed most of their allocated set of one hour. Unfortunately at this point Wes was not in a good way and it was very distressing to see a person like this.

“The reaction of the crowd was very mixed, some people enjoyed what was seen as a very rock and roll moment, some with genuine concern for Wes and a very small section of the crowd were quite perturbed to say the least.

“We do understand that a small number of the 500 audience are angry with the performance of Puddle of Mudd as fans had travelled far and wide to see their rock heroes. All we can say at this stage is that as part of the agreement, Puddle of Mudd were paid to perform up front and we are currently trying to contact the agents and band management to negotiate the costs. If anything is recovered we will look at a way we can give any costs recovered back to the audience.

“I would like to thank the support acts who played a great show and we have already had an email from Unzucht, wanting to play at our venue again and we would welcome both support acts back to headline, they were superb.

“For most part of the night the crowd enjoyed the show but I would like to personally apologise for the performance of Puddle of Mudd at the end of the night. It wasn’t how we wanted a great show to end or what we wanted a very patient audience to witness. Hopefully Wes gets the help that he requires for the sake of his own health and the career of an awesome band.”


Metal ‘May’hem at the Diamond Live Lounge

Metal ‘May’hem at the Diamond Live Lounge

Well, we had to release this ‘little’ offering during the month of May, if not just to nail the gig title, even if it is a little bit cheesy.

On May 12th, the Diamond Live Lounge will be hosting a FREE event (YES A FREE EVENT) called ‘Metal Mayhem’ where people of all ages will be able to enjoy metal bands including Dutch metal giants Spartan, and UK acts, Hostile and Anima, all for a zero entry fee.

Why the free gig many may ask? especially when the Diamond Live Lounge owner has been such an advocate of charging a door price, therefore, giving live music a value.

We have released articles and opinions before about how people pay to watch sports events, go into clubs, even going to the cinema and yet have the perception that live music is costly. If you compare the prices, you will probably find that you get more value for your money going to watch a live music event.

In order to grow a venue, to attract the right acts for the region, we have to charge ticket prices and that is the way any successful music venue will operate. However we never wanted to lose sight on those potentially missing out.

When we first created our ‘Metal Nights’ we didn’t charge a thing, as we understood that the age of the audience would be a mix between under 18’s and over 18’s. We wanted to create an event which gave inclusion for all without pricing the younger crowds out.

Another part of our business plan was to make sure that the over 18’s crowd were also happy with our offering. Over the last 18 months we have provided the paying public with some amazing acts and which have given the Diamond Live Lounge awesome attendance’s. However over time the people who can’t afford a music offering or most under 18’s have missed out for one reason and another.  So we want to bring something back for the younger crowds to enjoy.

We  want to give a fair offering to everyone and create a culture where people can appreciate live music on a regular basis without having to pay for ticket prices.

Metal Mayhem will be the start of free gigs that Diamond Live Lounge will provide, starting from May 12th.

Spartan will headline the event on May 12th – Spartan hails from the Netherlands, where it started out as a small project. After months of experimenting the band members discovered that no particular style really fit the bill. A mixture of modern metalcore guitar riffs along with more heavy metal style solos, old school pounding drums, and diverse vocals balancing between thrash, black and death metal is the final result. And thus Spartan was born.

For more information about our event you can visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/906116686168526/ which gives you further details about the performances on the night.

Everyone is welcome on this night. So lets get everyone down of all ages, old and young (And everyone in between) and show Doncaster how you rock a venue.

We can’t wait to see everyone there and we hope everyone enjoys the free event from Diamond Live Lounge.

The Hoosiers plus special guests, 23rd October 2015

The Hoosiers plus special guests, 23rd October 2015

The Hoosiers……(Worried About Ray, Goodbye Mr A, Choices, Cops and Robbers) Number 1 in the Album charts in 2007 with ‘A Trick to Life’ will be coming to Doncaster Diamond Live Lounge on 23rd October 2015.  Tickets go on sale Friday 21st August at 9am and will be available through the following outlets, priced at £13.50 ADV:

www.diamondlive.co.uk ( http://wp.me/P5KFv1-1jc)

SEE Tickets



DLL Box Office 01302 965040

Notorious Aardvark Record Store, Waterdale, Doncaster

Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult

Backstage members get priority from tonight at 8pm http://diamondlive.co.uk/backstage/

LiveWire AC/DC Saturday 30th January 2016

LiveWire AC/DC Saturday 30th January 2016

We at Doncaster Diamond Live Lounge are proud to announce, in conjunction with The Gig Cartel, the return of LIVEWIRE AC/DC on Saturday 30th January 2016.

Tickets: £15

Doors at 7pm

Livewire The AC/DC show

Get ready for a seismic event

The unique six man tribute to rock’s greatest band AC/DC, complete with trademark cannons, a wall of Marshalls and two hours of High Voltage Rock and Roll.

And in AC/DC’s fortieth year, the band cover both eras with both Bon Scott and Brian Johnson present to take you on the Rock and Roll train for a night to remember.

The rhythm section keep it all meticulously together giving Ashgus the freedom to mesmerise the audience with his sublime playing and infinite energy. Those who have seen the show on the ‘For Those About To Rock’ and ‘Ready to Bite’ tours are already witness to the talent and dedication Ash gives on stage with his portrayal of the livewire Angus Young delivering a truly amazing two hours of duck-walking, bedevilled Rock and Roll.

The band aim to put you slap bang in the middle of the show with hit after hit, and for the aficionados there’s always something special as well. Back in Black, Rosie, Highway to hell, the songs goes on and on until the cannons fire ceremoniously to bring the evening to a superb crescendo.

If by this time you are still standing….we salute you !! “


Stereo MC’s Cancellation

Stereo MC’s

Statement from Diamond Live Lounge

It is with great regret that the gig scheduled for this Saturday the 25th July with the Stereo MC’s has had to be cancelled. We want people to know the truth and therefore feel the need to publish this statement.

We have pushed this gig through many, various marketing and media platforms both online and offline. We have used lots of resource to promote the artist, the event, the venue etc… All of our strategies have come to nought and sales have been too low.

We want to bring the best live acts to Diamond Live Lounge and Doncaster, however, without the support of ticket purchasers we will always be faced with the current situation.

We had to take a business decision on this, being faced with the possibility of losing an enormous amount of money we were left with no choice. As a business we have indeed lost our deposit for this gig, which, although not a massive amount is still considerable to any young business. We still have other acts booked in and the deposits have been paid for those acts. We hate the fact that we have had to cancel a gig and don’t intend on making a habit of this. We apologise sincerely to all those that had pre purchased tickets, we will be making an offer to you all for future gigs, as well as refunds. Those that purchased through http://diamondlive.co.uk will receive FULL refunds, including booking fees.

Diamond Live Lounge exists for the people of Doncaster and music lovers everywhere. We need your help in ensuring this facility stays in Doncaster, all we ask is that if you want to attend a certain performance, please buy a ticket. Promoters are always panicking about ticket sales and have looked to pull many a gig. It has only been our persistence that fans will still purchase tickets that has kept certain acts on. We really would like to change the culture of late or even on the door purchases in order to keep these acts on.

Please read our recent blog regarding this subject.

Your continued support is always very welcome.

Thank you

Dominic and Andy

Diamond Live Lounge

Buy your tickets early or late?

When we first opened Diamond Live Lounge we were thinking… this venue is amazing.. National Promoters will be queueing up at the door to put gigs on here. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. All of the big acts that are coming to our venue are being promoted by Diamond Promotions (Myself and Dominic). We are using our own money to fund these gigs… sometimes winning, sometimes losing. One thing we are noticing is that the people of Doncaster buy really really late on…. why is this you may ask? Answers on a post card please… we’ve no idea!

People are buying tickets for our gigs from as far as Spain, Germany and all over the UK, but the people of Doncaster still aren’t purchasing, why is this? Is it because we have become too accustomed to ‘FREE ENTRY’? Are the ticket prices too high? Are we not bringing you who you want to see? Diamond Live Lounge is here to stay, there is no doubt in that…. however we will only see the touring bands start to come here, when people start buying tickets.

Doncaster is seen as a ‘Big Risk’ by the national promoters such as Livenation/SJM concerts, as they can’t be sure that the gigs will sell, even though they would sell in most places in the UK. I’m constantly battling with these promoters telling them that Doncaster is a quality town for live music and their gigs will be profitable here, if they give us a chance, but we can only do this with YOUR help.

If you want to see the best quality bands from around the world play in Doncaster… whether it be at Diamond Live Lounge or The Dome then we need your support. Lets put Doncaster firmly on the live music map, lets make sure every tour wants to stop in Doncaster. I believe we can do this… do you?

Mapfest 2015 at Doncaster Diamond Live Lounge

Mapfest 2015 at Doncaster Diamond Live Lounge

We at the Diamond Live Lounge would like to see Doncaster’s urban festival grow from strength to strength, so that’s why this year we have put together a very strong line up. Our aim is to bring people from out of town to experience what a great event MAPFEST is, and hopefully create retention with those customers for the festival. Each night is priced at £10, which i’m sure you will agree is great value. We are also offering a £25 Diamond Live Lounge weekend ticket, which allows you access to all Diamond Live Lounge MAPFEST events, giving you a £5 saving should you wish to attend all 3 gigs.

Thursday 3rd September

Pigeon Detectives
Ginger Tom
Thieves Asylum

pigeon detectives

Friday 4th September

Jack The Rapper
Supreme Leaders


Sunday 6th September

Fearless Vampire Killers
Piano Wire
Fizzy Blood


Thursday and Friday line ups are complete however we are looking to add acts to Sunday’s line up. Give us a shout if you are of similar ilk to the acts on Sunday and we will consider you.

Ginger Tom EP 2 Launch 16th May 2015

GT Front

After forming as a duo in late 2013 and hitting the music scene in the UK in early 2014, the now expanded 4 piece Rock/Pop/Indie band “Ginger Tom” have been taking audiences by storm wherever they play.

Their Melodic, harmony driven songs are strong and concise from the outset, displaying superb guitar and vocal prowess, backed by a solid dependable rhythm section.

The now four piece band have been touring relentlessly over the last 6 months, with support slots for “The South”, “Go West and with their amazing performance at the “Marillion” Convention under their belt 2015 looks likely to be Ginger Tom’s year.

“As soon as I heard their first song, I thought, Brilliant ! At last, a proper band, great vocals, well crafted songs and some great musicianship”

– Stuart Epps, 2014

The band are currently finalising their second EP which launches at this event and they are also in the throes of putting together both UK and European tours, along with a handful of festival dates for the summer.

Long favourites of BBC Introducing, Ginger Tom also have Live sessions booked in the near future and this will, no doubt, spread the word further !

“When I first listened to Ginger Tom it was because it’s my job to do so. 6 Months on, I now listen to them because it is my pleasure to do so. I don’t just play their tracks on my radio show, I play them on my car stereo on the school run – because there is no better way to start the day than singing along to “7 Years”

– Christian Carlisle – BBC Introducing, 2014

There is no doubt that Ginger Tom are going to be a big feature of the music scene in 2015 and the Diamond Live Lounge are privileged to host this, their EP launch event.

Black Grape



We are really, really pleased to announce the the newly reformed Black Grape will be coming to the Diamond Live Lounge on the 6th June – Tickets on sale this Friday (24th April)

Fresh from their triumphant return to live music a couple of weeks ago at the old Granada studios in Manchester, Shaun, Kermit and the rest of the guys have decided to take the show on the road – which is fabulous news for us here in Doncaster

The tour will take in a number of days in the UK and we are so excited that Shaun has asked to play Doncaster as part of the tour.

Tickets for this show go on sale on Friday 24th April and will be available through this website – www.diamondlive.co.uk and various other outlets.

If you forgotten about Black Grape, then this is what Wiklipedia have to say –

The band was formed in 1993 by former Happy Mondays members Shaun Ryder and Bez. It was Ryder’s first musical project after the disintegration of Happy Mondays due both to his multiple drug addictions and to disagreements about revenues with other bandmembers. The formation of the new band was intended to draw a line between his past life and his new one. Ryder and Bez recruited rappers Paul “Kermit” Leveridge and Carl “Psycho” McCarthy, drummer Jed Lynch (like Leveridge, a former member of Ruthless Rap Assassins), and guitarist Wags (formerly of the Manchester-based group the Paris Angels). Recording of new material started that year, although the group was not under contract.

In 1995 Black Grape was signed by Radioactive Records (an imprint of major label BMG) and released its debut album It’s Great When You’re Straight… Yeah. It immediately charted at number one in the UK Albums Chart, and spawned three Top Twenty singles.

The first single “Reverend Black Grape” managed to outsell the Happy Mondays cover of John Kongos “(He’s Gonna) Step On (You Again)”.

The third single, “Kelly’s Heroes” – a song lampooning society’s obsession with celebrities and idols that had much to do with Ryder’s own previous hero worship of people he now saw as wastrels – had its opening lyric changed before recording from “Don’t talk to me about heroes – Most of these guys snort cocaine,” to “Don’t talk to me about heroes – most of these men sink like subs.”. Another song on the album, “Temazi Party”, mocked the then-current craze for abusing Temazepam sleeping pills (a.k.a. ‘jellies’), but was deliberately misspelt on the album sleeve as ‘Tramazi’ instead of ‘Temazi’ in order to forestall any legal injunction against the album’s release.

It’s Great When You’re Straight… Yeah received critical acclaim in the UK, but the group made little impact in the US. However, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich listed it as his favourite album of 1996. The album cover featured a picture of then-recently imprisoned terrorist Carlos The Jackal.

The subsequent album Stupid Stupid Stupid was less favoured. The group split in 1998 after Ryder fired the rest of the band while touring, starting with Kermit (who was suffering from septicemia) and ending with Bez (who was unsatisfied with his financial situation).

Lynch went on to play drums and percussion on many other musical works, becoming a noted session musician.

On 2 February 2010, NME reported that Ryder will be reforming Black Grape with producer Danny Saber and Kermit for a concert as part of the ‘Get Loaded In The Dark’ gig series on 1 April at The Coronet in London.

The song A Big Day In The North was the beginning entrance to the movie Virtuosity (1995)starring Denzel Washington & Russell Crowe

2015 Black Grape signed to Creation Management run by Alan Mcgee and Simon Fletcher and announced a reunion tour to coincide with 20 years of the It’s Great when your Straight album. In typical Black Grape style Shaun Ryder said “it will be 2016 and 21 years celebration when the party really kicks off.”

And if you have forgotten how they sound, this one is for you


Booking Bands for Diamond Live Lounge

Booking Bands for Diamond Live Lounge

It will be a year in June since Diamond Live Lounge first opened its doors, and what a great opening year it has been. We have gone from strength to strength, locally, regionally and now nationally. You could say that it should’ve been easy for me going from a 3658 standing capacity venue to a 700 standing capacity venue, however the contacts required to book bands into these two very different spaces are miles apart from each other. I used to send countless emails daily to SJM Concerts, Livenation, AEG Live, Kilimanjaro etc etc when i was at the Dome (I still bug them everyday now) however getting the big boys interested in a 700 standing capacity former church/nightclub is proving difficult, however i won’t be deterred.

For now, we are promoting a lot of events in-house through Diamond Promotions and in conjunction with local and regional promoters. Promoting is pretty new for me, as i’ve always been a venue booker, however Dominic is a MMA Promoter and has vast and transferable skills that are being used to ensure we fill our venue. I’m learning, and i’m learning quick!

We’ve got loads in the pipeline, exciting stuff, exciting gigs that Doncaster hasn’t seen before, like Youth Man on the 29th May – here’s what Rolling Stone magazine has to say about them http://www.rollingstone.com/…/10-new-art…/youth-man-20150217 and then we have the bigger known acts that will be gracing our stage later on in the year:

The Shires, 23rd April, £12
Cast, 27th June, £17
Stereo MC’s, 25th July, £17

Plus many more to be announced!

I’m gonna let you into a little secret here, we’ve had acts confirmed that you wouldn’t believe, but unfortunately have fell through last minute……. Here’s a few:

BILLY OCEAN (this would’ve been amazing! I’m still trying, we will get him to DONCASTER!)
SNOOP DOG (this is a gig we would have put on at the Dome, however it didn’t work out)

We are Doncaster’s Premier Live Music Venue, but we have higher aspirations….. Watch this space!